Membership Fees


Subscriptions 2019

Club Subscriptions are due on 1st January 2019.

BMFA Fees : Seniors £38 a year, Juniors £17 a year.

Family Seniors fees will be £38 and Family Juniors £13

The table shows cost of a full years subscription.   New members joining part way through the year will receive a pro rata refund when they renew at the end of the year.

The club insists upon BMFA membership so this cost should be added if you are not already a member.

One-off joining fee - £10.00 (Adults)  £5 (Juniors)

Type BMFA Fee Club Fee Total

Plus one-off

Joining Fee

Seniors (Adults) £38  £35  £73  £83
Juniors £17  £14.50  £31.50  £41.50
Family Seniors (Adults) £38  £35  £73  £83
Family Juniors  £13  £14.50  £27.50  £37.50

Payment can be made by bank transfer (preferred) or by cheque.

Please contact the treasurer for details on how to pay at  andy _ harding @ hotmail . com (remove spaces).